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Jawatan Kosong MP Kluang - Majlis Perbandaran Kluang

Written By P R M on June 11, 2015 | Thursday, June 11, 2015

jawatan kosong kluang
Jawatan Kosong MP Kluang - Majlis Perbandaran Kluang (MPKluang) or The Kluang Municipal Council is the Local Authority responsible for the administration, sustainable planning and development as well as the Kluang Municipal’s beauty. Kluang’s Municipal Council were authorized through the Local Government’s Act 1976 (Act 171) and other related acts as well as By-laws to implement its function and responsibility. The establishment history of the post of local superintendent started in year 1920 when the Kluang Municipal Board was opened. The Kluang Municipal Board were upgraded to the Kluang Municipal Council in 1957, Northern Kluang District Council in 1977 and further declared as Kluang Municipal Council in 8th May 2001.

Kluang city has existed as early as 1910. State government's policy which outlined a plan to develop central Johor and Kluang as a communication centre has made Kluang the new center of growth. The opening of farms and railway construction had motivated many citizens to migrate and stay in Kluang city.

In 1920, with 5,000 residents, The Kluang Town Council was established, presided by a Health Inspector. From year 1932, The Kluang District Officer began holding the position of Kluang’s Town Board President.

In year 1957, Kluang’s Town Board was upgraded to Kluang Town Council with the Kluang District Officer as the Chairman. Five years later in 1962, 5 Local Councils were established namely Kampung Paya Local Council, Kampung Gajah Local Council, Sri Lalang Local Council, Chamek Local Council and Paloh Local Council.

Hence with the reorganization of the Local Council on 1.1.1997, Kluang Town Council was consolidated with 5 other Local Councils to form Northern Kluang District Council under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171). The Kluang District Council administration was broadened which covered an area the size of 126.5 square metres with a population exceeding 65,000 people.

Kluang city continues to progressively expand further under the Northern Kluang District Council administration. With execution of development projects under Malaysian Five Years plan and State government's commitment to develop the Kluang District, Bandar Kluang's role as Johor’s central region growth center became a reality. Economic sectors increasingly expand rapidly. Apart from early settlements of existing population, new housing estates continue to be developed. Business complex construction in Pusat Bandar Kluang, parks development, industrial area, opening of new housing estates became the main contributor to Bandar Kluang's development. The number of residential, trade and industrial premises, are rapidly increasing. The overall number of holdings continued to increase from 20,500 in year 1988 to 42,455 holdings in year 2000. The increasing number of holdings continued to contribute to Council's increase of revenue from RM7.72 million in 1988, to RM16.6 million in year 2000.

Housing, industrial, trade and services sector development has made Kluang a new destination for foreign and local investors. More than 500 types of factories manufacturing products for export and local consumption reside in 9 main industrial areas. Among the giant plants in operation, are tile manufacturing plant, electronic plant, and a clothing manufacturing plant. Today, Kluang is known as the largest high quality tile producer in Malaysia in addition to international branded electric and electrical products for the domestic and export market.

Housing, industry, trade and services sector developments have created many employment opportunities which are the source of flooded population in Bandar Kluang. In year 2000, the Kluang population shot up to 155,000 people. In order to meet increased requirements of the population, preparation of the basic amenities continued to be raised. Apart from upgrading main roads and town roads network, a public transportation terminal costing RM 5 million was built. Under the State government’s privatization programme, a sports stadium worth RM 24 million was built.

Bandar Kluang's rapid development could no longer be prevented. The Kluang urban population continues to ponder on efficient and effective service. The Northern Kluang District Council administration structure requires changes. As a ground breaking move towards the form of management change, the Chairman’s position has been permanently filled by State of Johor administration officer from 1.3.1999. Once complied with the criteria which set by Local Government Chief Director with the Malaysian General Election Commission's agreement, the State Government Executive Council through the Meeting Briefing Vol. 86/2001 dated 31st January 2001 took the decision to upgrade the Northern Kluang District Council to Kluang Municipal Council.

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