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Jawatan Kosong Penang Hill - Perbadanan Bukit Bendera

Written By P R M on September 25, 2013 | Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Jawatan Kosong Penang Hill
Jawatan Kosong Penang Hill -Penang Hill is a hill resort comprising a group of peaks in Penang, Malaysia. It is located in Air Itam, which is 6 kilometres (3.7 mi) from the city centre of George Town. The hill stands out prominently from the lowlands as a hilly and forested area. Penang Hill is also known by the Malay name Bukit Bendera, which refers to Flagstaff Hill, the most developed peak.

The most convenient way up to Penang Hill is by means of the Penang Hill Railway, a funicular railway from Air Itam to the top of Flagstaff Hill. Construction of the railway took place between 1906 to 1923, at a cost of 1.5 million Straits dollars. The railway was opened to the public on October 21, 1923. The 2,007 m (1 mile 435 yard) journey takes about half an hour and the train may stop at intermediate stations upon request.

For Malaysians, the fare for a return (round trip) ticket is RM8 per adult and RM4 per child aged between three and 12. For foreign tourists, the return fare would be RM30 for adults and RM15 for children aged seven to 12.[1] Senior citizens and students will enjoy cheaper fares at RM4 per person. The ride continues to remain free of charge for disabled persons holding the OKU (Malay acronym for Orang Kurang Upaya) card. Penang Hill residents, licensed traders and hawkers and workers can purchase monthly season pass at RM24. The blue, air-conditioned Swiss-made coaches, capable of ferrying up to 100 passengers at one go, will run every half hour from 6.30am to 9pm daily.

Alternatively, there is a 5.1 km (3.2 mi) tarred road known popularly as the "jeep track". It is open only to the vehicles of hill residents. The "jeep track" is also used by off-road motorcycle enthusiasts to traverse up the steep terrain. It is a popular hiking route. It begins at the quarry at the entrance of the Penang Botanic Gardens and it takes a two or three hour leisurely hike to reach the top. Some of the more famous pit stops at the mountain are 52 and 84. At these pit stops, a view of the island is visible to hikers, who are able to get some water and tea prepared by locals stationed on the hill. Eighty Four is the last pit stop before the top of Penang Hill — approximately forty five more minutes from 84.

Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra, more commonly known as Summit Road, leads from the top station to the western part of the hill right towards Western Hill and Tiger Hill.

The eastern face of Penang Hill is well served by a series of roads and paths, for example, Moniot Road, Viaduct Road, and Tunnel Road. Moniot Road is named after a Frenchman, Michael Jules Moniot who surveyed it between 1846 and 1855. Moniot Road has been declared a Heritage Trail in 1995 by the Governor of Penang.

A system of bridle paths forms a picturesque labyrinth of walks connecting the different bungalows. Indian penal servitude prisoners shipped from Bencoolen, Sumatra to Penang during the second half of the 19th century built these by-paths.

Numerous trekking trails lead from various starting points in the lowlands to Penang Hill. The more popular trails include the Moongate Trail, trail from Air Itam Dam to Tiger Hill, trail from Hye Keat Estate and trail from the Municipal Park (formerly Youth Park). Some of the trails are used by farmers to transport produce to the markets of Balik Pulau and Air Itam.

Jawatan Kosong Perbadanan Bukit Bendera Pulau Pinang

Qualified Malaysian citizens invited to fill a vacancies at Perbadanan Bukit Bendera Pulau Pinang as follows :

  1. Penolong Pegawai Sistem Maklumat F29
  • Malaysia Citizen
  • Aged not less than 18 years on the closing date of the position;
  • Diploma in the field of computer science or information technology recognized by the Government of the institution – local institution of higher education or a recognised equivalent qualification; or (initial salary: RM 1745.69]
  • Diploma in the field of electronic engineering (computer) that is recognized by the Government of the institution – local institution of higher education or a recognised equivalent qualification.
  • Pass the Bahasa Malaysia/English (including passing Oral Tests) in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia or equivalent qualification recognised by the Government.
  • A Pass In English (Writing & Communication)
  • Has expertise in technical areas (Installation Of New Hardware)
  • Have skills in multimedia display
  • Knowledgeable in the POS (Point Of Sale).
  • Has an advantage in the management of the website
Further information and how to apply, please follow :
Jawatan Kosong Penang Hill Closing Date : 20 Oktober 2013
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Notes :
Please be aware of recruitment fraud. The entire stage of this selection process is free of charge. Jawatan Kosong Penang Hill - Perbadanan Bukit Bendera will never ask for fees or upfront payments for any purposes during the recruitment process such as transportation and accommodation.