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Jawatan Kosong MDJerantut - Majlis Daerah Jerantut

Written By P R M on April 21, 2014 | Monday, April 21, 2014

Jawatan Kosong MDJerantut
Jawatan Kosong Jerantut - Majlis Daerah Jerantut - Jerantut District Council was established on 02 October 1982. It covered an area of 12,109.00 hectares. From the total, 3,020.00 hectares was gazetted under the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) section 127, section 128 and section 163 as Operations Area, while the remaining 9,021.00 hectares was gazetted as Control Area. Areas included were the town of Jerantut, Batu Balai, Damak, Jerantut Ferry and Kuala Tembeling.

According to legend and history, the name ‘Jerantut' has been used since the days before the rule of Sultan Ahmad (Wan Ahmad), the first Sultan of Pahang. Sultan Ahmad became the Sultan of Pahang after the civil war between him and Tun Mutahir in Pekan, Wan Ahmad strategized and attacked Pekan with the solid support and forces to conquer Pekan from Tun Mutahir's rule. Wan Ahmad had the support of the leaders of the local residents from all areas in Ulu Pahang – Dato' Bahaman, a warrior, led the area from Temerloh and Semantan, Dato' Orang Orang Kaya Indera Maharaja Perba Jelai Wan Muhammad bin Wan Idris led Lipis, Jelai and Semantan Ulu Raub and Dato' Gajah Iman Rasu Abdul Salam led Jerantut and its surrounding areas.

History showes that the shield that became the symbol of greatness of Pahang which is the elephant tusks that intersect with the shadow of the coffee leaf is realised in the shape of a spear and intertwined with the Arabic letters "YA-ALIF LAM THO YAA FA" that is "YA-LATIFF" on the right and left between the tips of the tusks that intersects with the spearhead. "YA-LATIFF" a zikir (utterance), and a worship practice in Islam, is also one of the 99 names of Allah. According to historical researchers, this is one of the strength and sign of respect that is inherent in the symbol of Pahang from then till now and hopefully till the end of time. It is also hoped that the Pahang flag with its combination of black and white colours will be respected and exulted and continues to be the pride of the citizens of Pahang.

It is reminded that the concept and design of the shield and flag of Pahang described above was created and agreed upon during the meeting between Wan Ahmad and the dignitaries of the state and the leaders of the people from all areas of Ulu Pahang. During this meeting it was decided to conquer Pekan and defeat Tun Mutahir. The meeting took place in Bukit Main Angin in Ulu Tembeling in the district of Jerantut near the border of Pahang and the state of Terengganu. Bukit Main Angin truly is important in the history of Pahang. And without a doubt, Jerantut is also carved with ‘golden ink' in history.

The name ‘Jerantut' was taken from the dialect of the Indigenous People according to a tale that was supposed to have taken place during the rule of Sultan Ahmad. It was told that a few Malays who lived around Sungai Salan Village in Pulau Tawar were looking for a buffalo which did not come ‘home' from wandering around. They questioned the Indigenous People in Paya Tambak Village, situated not far from the Pahang River, where a stream flows over a rocky rapid (jeram). The Indigenous People pointed to where the buffalo was, saying the buffalo was near the "JERAM TUT", meaning ‘that jeram'. The buffalo was found standing still because the rope around its neck was stuck on a tree near the rapid. As time goes by, the place was called JERANTUT due to the incidence

During the sovereign rule of the king, the sultan appointed Tok Penghulu (Headman) for a Mukim (an area consisting of a group of villages) to administer and oversee the wellbeing and safety of the people. The Penghulu was assisted by Tok Empat or Ketua Kampung (Village Heads). The administration system continues to this day even though times have changed the state today is developed and modern.

Before Jerantut District Council was established in the beginning of 1960, the town of Jerantut was managed and administered by the Jerantut Town Board which was chaired by the District Officer. With the formation of Jerantut District Council as the Local Authority, the planning of Jerantut now and in the future is guaranteed to portray the glory of the patriotic history with all parties cooperating and in accord with full responsibility for the future, the 21st century and 2020 specifically.

Jawatan Kosong Majlis Daerah Jerantut

Qualified Malaysian citizens invited to fill the vacancies at Majlis Daerah Jerantut as follows :
  1. Penghantar Notis N11
Further information and how to apply, please follow :
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Jawatan Kosong Jerantut Closing Date : 22 April 2014
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Please be aware of recruitment fraud. The entire stage of this selection process is free of charge. Jawatan Kosong MDJerantut - Majlis Daerah Jerantut will never ask for fees or upfront payments for any purposes during the recruitment process such as transportation and accommodation.