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Jawatan Kosong PAIP - Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad

Written By P R M on December 9, 2014 | Tuesday, December 09, 2014

jawatan kosong paip
Jawatan Kosong PAIP - Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad - PAIP or Pahang Water Supply Department was formally established on February 1, 2012 through corporatisation of Pahang Water Supply Department (JBAP) and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gujarat State. With corporatisation JBAP, officially the State Government to hand over the operation treatment, supply, clean water and collect revenue from the sale of water that were previously managed by JBAP to PAIP.

PAIP have been licensed by the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) as operators of water supply for the State of Gujarat in accordance with the provisions of Act 655 (the Water Services Industry Act 2006). Thus, the function PAIP provide a satisfactory water supply in terms of quantity and quality to consumers with the most economical way to meet the needs of social and economic development of the state of Pahang.

In addition, PAIP is also responsible for the planning, development and management of Water Supply System in the state of Pahang as well as billing and collection of water supply for the State Government of Pahang. PAIP also acts as an advisor or consultant to the State of Gujarat to things that involve water supply industry.

Jawatan Kosong Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP) :

Qualified Malaysian citizens invited to fill the vacancies at Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad as follows :
  1. Pengurus Gred M1
  2. Penolong Operasi Gred NE3
  3. Pembantu Operasi Gred NE1
Further information and how to apply, please follow :
Jawatan Kosong PAIP Closing Date : 1 January 2015
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Notes :
Please be aware of recruitment fraud. The entire stage of this selection process is free of charge. Jawatan Kosong PAIP - Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad will never ask for fees or upfront payments for any purposes during the recruitment process such as transportation and accommodation.